Here at AutoRadz we offer a full range of air conditioning for all types of vehicles.

We offer both on-site and mobile services which cater for both commercial vehicles and agricultural vehicles. We are packed with four machines offering both R1234YF and R134A gas alongside the equipment to detect and leaks or problems within the AC system. We have recently invested in a new top of the range AC machine which caters for all commerical buses, this shows our constant evolvement in the AC market R1234YF gas caters for a high percentage of newer model vehicles, this is the next generation refrigerant for automotive air conditioning offering a more energy efficient air conditioning experience. R134A gas is a more common gas for vehicles which are pre-2017 bar manufacturers who have upgraded to R1234YF gas.

There is consistent development in our AC services, and we are always seeking to bring in more technology to work for our customers.